young visitors in the factory. Gianna spent her career day at zai and helped to build a laisa! at the ski races in the regional squad, Gianna is always at the front of the pack! Luca is currently doing an apprenticeship as a Polymech at ABB and has built his ski "lupo bianco" with us for a project work. good luck, young zai!
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click on the picture to discover the zai Instagram world! make sure to follow us there:
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we proudly present selected partners from Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and the U.S. where zai skis and accessories can be bought!
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this weekend the international design fair "Blickfang" took place in Zurich at which we presented the current ski and clothing collection. of course we want to share some impressions of this great event with you!
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the classic among the zai ski convinces with its elegant surface and its hand-made walnut veneer. the differences in the wood grain give testa its individual looks and turn it into something unique!
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last week we introduced our retailers from Switzerland. now we present selected retailers from Austria and France where zai skis and accessories can be bought!
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we had a lot of fun with the HTW Chur Sport Management class, who visited us in Disentis and held a workshop with zai's Benedikt. thank you for your visit!
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we look back on a amazing event at the Austrian Stubaital: the zai master, 29th October - 1st November! Franco Cavegn passed on his knowledge on giant slalom poles and zai's Benedikt brought along the relevant material (zai scadin 166, 177 & 188 cm). have a look for yourself...
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in the next few weeks we proudly present selected stores where skis and accessories can be bought! let us start with zai partners from our home: Switzerland.
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from the 10th - 12th of November 2017, zai will be at the international design fair "Blickfang Zürich" with the current ski and clothing collection. we are looking forward to your visit!
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only a few days are left to the zai master event, where we open the ski season 2017/18! if you are interested, you can find more information here:
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photographer Martin Söderqvist and zai‘s Simon know the freeride area of Disentis like the back of their hands. this led to amazing shots: Simon freeriding the zai tila 192 - Val Segnas.
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the latest blog entry is about Nora Angehrn - Golf Coaching, a golf player from Zurich. follow the link and visit the zai blog:
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we look forward to experiencing the first turns of the season 2017/18 with you at the Austrian Stubaital. Franco Cavegn & Benedikt Germanier offer you a race training of the special kind. Franco passes on his knowledge on giant slalom poles, Benedikt brings along the relevant material.
more infos:
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smart materials provide the edge. the spada (or sword in the local language) consists of the proven CFS® technology and a revolutionary surface made from natural cellulose acetate, which makes every ski unique. efficiency, robustness and simple beauty characterize the ski. its true power becomes evident, particularly on hard slopes.
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what a feeling to be welcomed by the first beam of sunlight in the morning when the zai team goes to work. ☀
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every great adventure starts in your head - which shall be protected! KASK snow cooperates with zai to create the brand-new zai capalina helmet.
PS: don’t forget to participate in our raffle!
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we look back on the Boesch Testdays. great event, great products, great partnership!
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the sales launch of the new capalina helmet will start in November. why not take the chance to win one now? just make sure to like the photo & follow our page - good luck!
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with the new online shop it‘s even easier to browse and order!
Check it out:
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We‘re looking forward to the Testdays of our partner Boesch Boats!
What started over 95 years with a passion for traditional boat-building, has now become the epitome of high performance classic mahogany boats. Experience it during the Boesch Testdays!
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zai fans are spread all over the world. Linda (Savognin) & Helge (Munich) met while skiing. both are overwhelming us with their joy they express with their zais (here with the spada, the ski with a stone core). in September they always come to see us to get their zais serviced.
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zai follows neither trends nor traditions. zai follows its own paths, without compromise.
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the zai & Moncler Grenoble skis are made of an excellent material patented by zai, innovatively combining traditional artistic design with the most advanced production technologies. Moncler's unmistakable creative and aesthetic vision has been merged with components that guarantee exceptionally high-endurance performance, torsion and stability, resulting in a collection of skis perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts.
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the unique surface of scadin, made from pressed felt, is a global novelty fore ski design. this natural material offers outstanding absorption characteristics, high durability and can be refurbished with each service. scadin was developed for skiers who like speed. designed for high speed on hard slopes, the ski combines outstanding quiet running with agile handling.
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