Gentle and accurate:


That worldwide first ever putter with zaiíra carbon head.

sabi by zai is a revolutionary new golf putter, which cannot be compared with any available model in terms of design, material and playing feel. Every sabi is manufactured by hand in a complex process in Switzerland, which makes each one unique. Millimetres decide on a successful putt. Therefore, zai’s focus is geared towards uncompromised quality and performance.


The shape developed from the function. The goal was the reduction to the essentials. Everything unnecessary has been elegantly milled away. Only the orientation and the adjustment line are to stand out. This allows the player to align the zai sabi intuitively to the exact target and only visualize the target line. The player does not get distracted. This inner calmness gives additional confidence to get it „in the zone “.

Moment of inertia

The combination of zaiíra® and heavy brass causes a weight extension into the periphery of the putter head. This leads to a higher moment of inertia and a very large sweet spot. Mistakes have never been compensated so well for that.


zaiíra® has a unique microstructure, which offers a first-class resonance, as soon as the front of the Putters meets the ball. The contact is soft and light, but at the same time, pleasantly solid. Nearly, as if you would touch the ball directly.

sabi is equipped with a 2-loft, in order to lift the ball and give it a forward spin. The grooves on the front of the putter and the higher centre of gravity increase the forward spin, so that the ball rolls calmer and more exact along the target line.

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