Stable and precise:


The putter for purists.

zai senda is a unique product line of high-quality putters, which combines Swiss precision with innovation and the zai golf competence. Those astonishing simple, interlinking construction method of the senda corresponds to the design concept of zai: «Reduction to the essentials». A heavy weighting element made of brass transmits the weight to the periphery for a higher moment of inertia (MOI). The brass element is encased by a hard-anodized aluminium chassis. This is extremely light, gives, however, an excellent feedback at impact.

The collection includes three different putter models:

senda Blade

senda blade is all about touch, feel and control. Its classic, sporty lines exude confidence and class, making this blade the sharp choice for purist golfers who favour a no-frills approach to putting.

senda Hybrid

Featuring sleek, blade-style looks combined with the larger alignment surface and higher MOI of its mallet sibling, senda hybrid is perfect for the player who demands the best of both worlds.

senda Mallet

With an ultra-high MOI, broad alignment optics and a super-sized sweet spot, senda mallet delivers a competitive edge when you need it. Cutting-edge design, uncompromising performance.

Hosel Fitting System

zai’s unique Hosel Fitting System (HFS) makes it easy to configure senda to your personal putting style.


Unlike other putter fitting systems which require bending of the hosel, HFS engineers your custom specifications directly into the hosel during build.


The result is a far more precise fit, and less likely to cause stress points in the area where the putter shaft joins the head. HFS allows over 40 combinations of lie, face angle and offset. Just let us know your preference and we’ll fit the hosel that’s right for you.

Technical data


head weight:360g
MOI:575 kg•mm²



head weight:380g
MOI:757 kg•mm²



head weight:400g
MOI:1055 kg•mm²



Lie:70° (variable between 72° and 68° with HFS)
Loft:2° (customisation on special request)
Face Angle:face-balanced (option for toe hang with HFS)
Length:33”/34”/35” (options for 30” – 36”)
Offset:full shaft (option for half-shaft offset with HFS)


The external chassis of the senda is manufactured from hard-anodized aluminium, a compound used in the aircraft construction, which is lighter than steel, more precise to be milled, giving excellent feedback at the moment of contact.

The impact surface has a 2°-loft, in order to ensure elevation and topspin, which, in turn, allows for an easier control of line and distance. The grooves milled into the impact surface support the rolling motion of the ball forward and permit a contact, which is soft and firm at the same time.

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