zai for Hublot

The Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot shares the use of unusual materials for his works with zai. This resulted with the „Hublot All Black” ski in a model which perfectly reflected the watch brand. zai used for the ski surface the same natural rubber Hublot used for his watch bracelets – even the typical vanilla scent was identical.


zai for Hublot was manufactured as a limited edition and is no longer available.

Technical data

point [mm]
172 120 69 100


point [m]
centre [m] end [m] Weight
9 19 15 0


Surface: Cellulose acetatehigh-grade steel upper Core: CFS® Granitkern, ultra-light cedar wood /verleimte Leisten – astlos, UD carbon fibre, Gummi 0.2 mm, Titanal / Verstärkung Bindungsschrauben Base: Nano-highspeed racing base, HRC 50 steel edges