unparalleled aura with simple aesthetics. zai follows its own paths, without compromise.

impressions of the zai run through Zurich.
zai-ski 9 hours ago
focused and revolutionary: zai spada.
the worldwide only granite core in a ski and a surface made from cellulose acetate characterize zai spada. the result is a ski with excellent turning and unparalleled quiet running and gripping properties.
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throwback to our event at the Gross Couture Brand Store in Zurich. many thanks to all our guests who have joined us on this great evening! for more impressions follow this link: www.grosscouture.zai.ch
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we wish you an exciting weekend in the snow. ❄☀
just grab your zai skis and have a great time. happy skiing!
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the refinement of the surface.
zai onza embodies performance and elegance at the same time. the ski unites several cutting-edge technologies used by zai. zai onza is running quietly, stable, economical and conveys confidence with the first turn.
zai-ski 11 days ago
the unique surface of scadin, made from pressed felt, is a global novelty fore ski design. this natural material offers outstanding absorption characteristics and high durability. designed for high speed on hard slopes, the ski combines outstanding quiet running with agile handling.
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Event: zai apéro - craftmanship meets couture
last preparations for our event at the Gross Couture Brand Store in Zurich!
zai-ski 16 days ago
on Thursday, winter sports and fashion will have a rendezvous at the Gross Couture Brand Store in Zurich. we meet from 6.30 pm to 9 pm for an aperitif, presentation of the new cassacca collection, the new helmet zai capalina cun visiera as well as an exchange about fashion and winter sports.
take the chance and get to know our products in a stylish ambience!
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nothing compares to the feeling of riding zai. handling is effortless and refined, with precise control at all speeds. zai skis are designed so that skiers of all ages and abilities can play, explore and discover new limits.
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behind the scenes at today's shooting! you can look forward to great impressions and stories... greetings from the Engadin!
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on February 8th, winter sports and fashion will have a rendezvous at the Gross Couture Brand Store in Zurich, where we will meet for an aperitif, presentation of the new cassacca collection, the new helmet zai capalina, as well as an exchange on fashion, winter sports and enjoyment. we are looking forward to seeing you!
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anyone looking for an authentic alpine all-mountain ski will find in the zai laisa the perfect model! with this ski, you will ski on or off piste without compromising any of its performance. for further information, just click on one of the pictures.

zai-ski 28 days ago
we present: our zai event in Zermatt!
together we will experience zai on the piste - the philosophy & the latest innovations.

more information: www.zai.ch/event/zai-zermatt
booking: info@zai.ch
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our new blog entry is online: a luxury odyssey (Author: Heinz Ramseier)!
if you always want to be up to date, you can subscribe to our newsletter here: www.zai.ch/newsletter
more great news: our ski suit cassaca is now available in the colours bordeaux and fir green.
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zai testa - gliding on something unique. the classic among the zai ski convinces with its elegant surface and its hand-made walnut veneer. the differences in the wood grain give testa its individual looks and turn it into something unique!

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zai spada. the ski with a granite core and a surface made from cellulose acetate. efficiency, robustness and simple beauty characterize the ski. its true power becomes evident, particularly on hard slopes. just click on one of the pictures to get further information.

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zai franco wurde speziell für den ehemaligen Schweizer Weltcup-Skirennfahrer Franco Cavegn entwickelt. Verschiedene hochwertige Materialien und die einzigartige Konstruktion sorgen für hervorragende Fahreigenschaften. Der Ski ist kraftvoll, wendig und extrem schnell. Genauso wie der Sportler, der die Inspiration dafür lieferte.
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the zai ski collection offers a tailor-made ski for every adventure: racing, touring, freeride, powder. perfection on or off piste.

for further information, just click on one of the ski models or visit our homepage: www.zai.ch/skikollektion
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experience the zai ski collection! just click on the ski modell you're interested in to get further information or visit our homepage: www.zai.ch/skikollektion
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zai is a leader in the use of new and revolutionary materials. cut a zai ski and you will find as different and exotic materials as granite, cedar wood, vulcanized rubber, felt, or flax. zai combines those in an innovative way and achieves such a level in terms of quality, use and durability, which is far higher than the properties of a conventional ski.
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happy new year - we wish you and your loved ones peace, health and happiness!
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Wir l(i)eben Skifahren, und du?
Entdecke die Geschichte hinter jedem zai Modell in unserer Ski-Kollektion!

[Modelle: testa, scadin, spada, onza, franco, laisa]
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zai spada is the worldwide only ski with a core made from stone. the mountain in the ski - this idea is incorporated in the zai spada!
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