The name zai comes from the Romansh word for “tough”. It also symbolizes perseverance and timelessness. zai follows its own paths consistently, with the construction, the material, and the manufacturing. With the production of a zai ski, factors like time and efforts serve the quality and longevity of the final product.



zai focuses on highest quality and the reduction to the essentials. The result is products which radiate an unparalleled aura with their simple aesthetics. And offer a unique skiing experience: easier, more joyful, with more perfection.



zai follows neither trends nor traditions. zai follows its own paths, without compromise. With innovative, creative construction concepts, new material combinations and a complex finishing technique. Even the machines at the manufactory were designed in such a way that they meet zai’s high requirements. zai keeps redefining the limits of the modern ski production.



zai is the worldwide leader in the use of new and revolutionary materials during the ski manufacturing process. Many of the materials we use are developed and patented by zai. Cut a zai ski (not that easy!), and you will find as different and exotic materials as granite, cedar wood, vulcanized rubber, felt, or flax. zai combines those in an innovative way and achieves such a level in terms of quality, use and durability, which is far higher than the properties of a conventional ski.

Stone, Cedar wood, Ash/poplar wood, Walnut veneer, Carbon, Steel, Natural rubber, Felt, Nano-racing base, zaiíra®, Cellulose-Acetat, dyneema®, Flax