Ski collection

testa, scadin, spada, onza, franco, laisa

Graceful and timeless:


Gliding on something unique. The classic one among the zai ski captivates optically with its elegant surface, hand-made from walnut veneer. The differences in the wood grain give testa its individual looks and turn it into something unique. Behind the…

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Durable and fast:


Quiet glide with absorbing felt surface. The unique surface of scadin, made from pressed felt, is a global novelty fore ski design. This natural material offers outstanding absorption characteristics, high durability and can be refurbished with each service. scadin was…

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Focused and revolutionary:


The ski with a granite core and a surface made from cellulose acetate. The mountain in the ski. This idea is incorporated in the zai spada, the worldwide only ski with a core made from stone. The granite with the…

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Stable and compact:


The refinement of the surface. zai onza embodies performance and elegance at the same time. The ski unites several cutting-edge technologies used by zai. Thus, the pressure transmitter made of spring steel was refined with zaiíra®, which stabilizes the ski…

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Full of character and successful:


High Performance with natural rubber and zaiìra®. zai franco was especially developed for the former Swiss World Cup ski racer Franco Cavegn. Different high-quality materials and the unique construction provide for outstanding handling characteristics, in tunes with the wishes and…

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Versatile and without compromise:


zai double-tip technology for high performance on powder and piste. Anyone looking for an authentic alpine all-mountain ski will find in the zai laisa the perfect model. With this ski, you will ski on or off piste without compromising any…

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